7 Fruits Horse Love to Eat

Horse lovers introduce a variety of foods to horses to show their love. Many commercial treats are available for this purpose. However, fruits are still the most common ones. From a horse’s point of view, he will gobble every different-looking thing from the palm of your hand, but which fruits are best and which should be avoided. Let’s find the fruits your horse will love to eat.

7 Fruits horses love to eat

Horses love to eat all fruits and most vegetables; however, I made a list of fruits favourite to most of the horses.

  1. Banana
     If you have never offered a banana to your horse, give it a try. Horses like to eat a banana, and you don’t need to peel it off. Not only do horses like to at bananas, but there are some health benefits like preventing gastric ulcers and repairing cell damage in the intestine.
  1. Apples
    Apples are the most common fruits used to offer horses as treats. And the reason for this inclination of horses toward apples is the taste. As being juicy and tasty, apples are also highly healthy for horses. 

If you are giving red apples to your horse, now give a try green one.

  1. Grapes
    Do horses like to eat grapes? Yes, most of the time but not all of the time. Both fresh and frozen grapes make a good treat for your horse due to their taste and juiciness. However, the sweeter the grapes, the more the chances that your horse will like them. Sometimes, the horse can refuse to take your grapes due to the bitter taste.

  2. Oranges
    Are there fresh oranges in the market? If yes! grab a few for your horse. Oranges are one of the safe, natural treats for your horse. You can offer orange to your horse either by peeling it off or with peels. Even horses like to take mere orange peels, or you can give a try to orange juice next time.

  3. Mango
    Mangoes are another oh-so-yummy treat for your horse. If you have not introduced it to your horse, consider it for next time. I recommend making the chunks of fruit before offering them to the horse. A big worry is the pit, be sure to remove the pit before feeding the horse.

  4. Water Melon
    Horses love to eat watermelons, the best natural treat, especially in summers. Watermelons contain 90% water and relish the taste buds of the horse due to their sweet taste and juiciness. Slice down the watermelon into pieces of reasonable size before offering it to the horse.
  1. Strawberries
    Last but not least, horses love to eat strawberries. These are safe for horses when given in moderate quantity. So, next time keep some strawberries with you while going to the barn so your horse can snack on them.

Take Home Message

  • Your horse will always like to eat the next slice of fruit but for the well-being of the horse, keep the quantity moderate,
  • Some fruits and vegetables should be avoided. Like sprouts, cabbages, tomatoes and potatoes produce gas in the intestine and are less desirable.
  • Always slice the fruits into pieces before offering. Whole fruits can choke the horse.
  • Introduce a small quantity of fruit as a treat and increase the quantity gradually to adapt the microflora in the intestine gradually.