The Brand

Luxury, relaxation, recreation, sport, comfort but above all the bond between a rider and horse. These are the key words of real equestrian life.

Khomani le Cavalier, a new Dutch equestrian brand with as main goal to create a brand where comfort meets luxury. For both sport and recreational rider, young and middle-aged.

Khomani le Cavalier is not just a name, we are a brand with the focus on building an equestrian family. I’ts more than selling clothing and accessories. It’s about the experience. All of our clothing is made of stretch and breathable material with a focus on functionality, quality and to ensure that the clothing adapts to every body regardless of the movement. The collection is specially made for the rider, non riders and horses and is tested for functionality and comfort. Our brand is not only for euqestrians, its also designed for sportlovers who enjoy in and oudoor sport activities.

Behind The Brand

Dear Riders

I am Chayenne, the owner and founder of the brand Khomani le Cavalier, born and raised in the Netherlands. At the time I decided to start Khomani le Cavalier I was 23 years old and a mother of two children, student and working part-time within an organization.

As a child I was always a horse girl. I could watch movies about horses for hours and later visit the stabels with my friends who were lucky enough to afford the equestrian sport. I often accompanied them to their horse riding classes and do the last round. This felt like a dream come true.

I come from a single parent family, unfortunately we did not have the financial means to pay for the equestrian sport. When I had the chance to take a view horseriding lessons I experienced a lot of neggative judgements about me, my body and my skincolor. This made me very insecure and I stopped with horse riding.Yet I always kept dreaming about what it would be like to have a horse of my own. I’ve always been creative, love fashion and sometimes personalize my own clothes. I was able to turn my childhood dream into a passion with something of my own. A real horse girl’s dream: My own horse and a brand for everyone.

The Story

The realization of my dream started when my own buddy. Buddy came into my life, my sweet but insecure trotter gelding of 5 years old at the time. From the first moment of the meeting there was a click. As frightened as he was, he immediately came to me, I felt that he would be my Buddy for life. With little experience of owning a horse, but certain about my choice, buddy came home with me, a new start for both of us. The more time I spent with Buddy and worked together, the more I understood what a bond between a rider and horse means. Even now owning a horse I have had my fair share of misplased judgements. I noticed that there are a lot of young girls who has experienced the same as me. With my brand I want to make every rider and non rider to be and to feel happy and confident about themselves. 

While training buddy, I missed comfortable, fun and affordable clothing in the current market for sports, recreation, while riding and for training your horse. Then I came back to my old dream, a horse and my own clothing brand that everyone can identify with. Khomani le Cavalier means Khomani the horseman. (Khomani the last name of my family) the rider anyone who is an equestrian.

My favorite item is the Felicia Flex Legging. It stretches nicely and molds perfectly to your body’s shape. The highwaisted band creates the most comfortable and best support. I love wearing these leggings at the stable as well as at home because they are easy to match with other pieces. 


- Khomani Le Cavalier. Where comfort meets luxury.